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Meet Fisamuel Reggans

Fisamuel Reggans is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fingerprint Clothing, a company that provides fashionable clothing sold online and at local pop-ups. 

 As CEO, he provides leadership and strategic direction for the business, creates and executes the company's vision, mission, and ensures the company's financial success and public acceptance of the corporate brand. Fisamuel is also a 12-year active duty Army Veteran, serving his country with honor and distinction while he builds commercial success with his clothing business.

He created Fingerprint Clothing to sell unique garments that allow customers to authentically express themselves with each item through his attention-grabbing designs that bring the wearer's internal image of themselves to life. When orders arrive, Fisamuel gives each one his personal attention as he prepares and ships them to customers daily.

Fisamuel believes that running an honest business and treating every customer with the utmost respect are key drivers to success. He passionately promotes the fingerprint brand as representing individuality, allowing people to be their natural selves as they "fingerprint" and escape the drudgery of wearing the same dull clothing every day.

Fingerprint Clothing can be found in boutiques, pop-ups, and retail stores across the United States. In the future, Fisamuel wants to continue touching the world as an international supplier of expressive clothing designs.

When he's not busy serving his country or staying up late at night shipping customer orders, he enjoys spending time with his family. Otherwise, he's often found teaching, coaching, and mentoring his Soldiers.

Fisamuel Reggans was born and raised in Eudora, Arkansas, and attended Perdue University.

Fisamuel invites you to explore the website and shop the latest styles from his most popular designs and find your distinctive expression of yourself and place your unique Fingerprint on the world today!

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